We are people, just like you, who want the best for our community.

Our interests are varied with all of us involved in many of the activities our beautiful beaches offer, including sport, arts, emergency services, business, retail, schools and youth and senior events.


Your Northern Beaches Independent Team stems from the original Wake Up Warringah Party created by Frenchs Forest resident Michael Regan in 2008. Michael became Warringah’s first popularly elected Mayor following the council’s return from five years of state administration and was overwhelmingly voted in again on the Your Warringah ticket at the 2012 elections.

Freshly renamed to represent a more united northern beaches community, the Your Northern Beaches Independent Team is offering even stronger representation we have 6 Councillors ready to represent you in each of the five wards created under the new Northern Beaches Council.


Proud to be independent of any major political party and unaccountable to the suits of Macquarie Street, we will only answer to the people of the Northern Beaches. We are like-minded, grass roots residents who care about our community, and are committed enough to take our passion one step further and sit on council to ensure it reaches the best outcomes for all of us.

For each of us, every vote is a conscience vote

The Northern Beaches Independent Team wants a strong Council that can work with State and Federal governments but also hold them accountable to community expectations.

Your Community
Your Neighbourhood
Your Future



 Read more about these individuals who have put their hands up to be a voice for their community.

They bring a variety of skills and passion to the table.

You may not have met  or heard of some of them as they are busy people, out there working.

But as the saying goes, give a busy person a job and they will get it done!

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Our Aims

Our job is to tackle your areas of concern and find solutions while planning greater things for the future.

We will:

  • PROTECT our beaches, parklands and natural assets from inappropriate development and the potential impacts of climate change.

  • COMMIT the Northern Beaches Council to best environmental practice.

  • CONTINUE the practice of assessing DAs using a Development Assessment Panel model

  • MAINTAIN council services and improve infrastructure.

  • WORK alongside and support local business.

  • SUPPORT our local schools.

  • UPGRADE our sporting facilities.

  • ENHANCE the role of community groups.

  • ENCOURAGE good residential and commercial development in harmony with the environment.

  • ENCOURAGE diversity of opinion among all members.

  • PROVIDE a forum of discussion for our youth

  • CONTRIBUTE to the big ideas that shape our community.

  • ENGAGE our electorate on local issues.

  • NEVER take ourselves too seriously, nor lose sight of the bigger picture.

  • ERADICATE spin and focus on substance and transparency.

  • OFFER a genuine alternative to the major political parties.

  • STRIVE to be a family friendly party and actively promote the ideals of the work / life balance.

  • KEEP it simple.