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Michael Gencher

“My Community Matters! I have a vision for Pittwater as an inclusive community that cherishes its past, looks after today, but prepares well for its future.”

– Michael Gencher


  • Support for local business & families

  • Youth Services, and at risk youth

  • Livability

  • Environmental protection

  • Over development & future planning

Michael is Vice President of Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club and the Program Coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch in Pittwater. He is a firm believer in safe, vibrant and inclusive communities.


His experience as a small business owner gives him unique insight into the challenges facing our business community.


He wants Council to provide better infrastructure and maintenance, more affordable housing, and continue to oversee responsible development and planning. His other priorities include community safety, crime prevention and key issues for youth at risk.

Originally from Canada, Michael settled in Australia in the early 1990s. Michael is a Public Relations and Communications professional, who set up his own business nearly 20 years ago so knows the challenges of running a small company.


He is actively involved as a long serving member of Surf Life Saving. He still regularly patrols the beaches and is currently a Vice President and the Nipper Chairman of Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club. Michael is also active in the community through sport, education and charitable organisations and is the Program Coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch in Pittwater.


To maintain work-life harmony, Michael enjoys the arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, surfing, and most importantly spending time with his wife and 5 children who range from 3 years old to 26 years!


Michael is motivated by the importance and values of community, and the belief that safe, vibrant and inclusive communities are the bedrock for a confident and flourishing society. Not only as someone who lives, works, and raises a family here, but also as someone who holds a senior leadership position in a volunteer community organisation, that includes members of all ages, and walks of life, he has come to recognise the concerns, issues and interests across the community.


Michael wants to be part of a Council that works in close consultation with the Community, and is passionate about preserving and continuously improving the local amenities, advocating for the concerns of families, and promoting the interests of local business in Pittwater. In particular, he is committed to improving the accessibility and the preservation and protection of open, coastal and recreational spaces.


He hopes to work with Council as a strong advocate for families and local business, working towards better infrastructure and maintenance, affordable housing, and responsible development and planning.


As someone who lives, works, volunteers and raises a family in the Community, Michael will be focussed on assisting with the ongoing issues, concerns, impact and the implications that COVID-19 has brought to the Community. He is confident that we will come out of it stronger than ever, however, steps must be taken to ensure that Council continues to deliver services, and look after the vulnerable, while considering the long-term impacts, as we transition into the next phase of living with COVID-19.


Michael is concerned by the traffic congestion and road safety in the Pittwater area and the need for greater pedestrian safety. He would like to see the Local Traffic Committee, the State Government and the NSW Police work closely on prioritising community concerns.


Michael is also acutely aware of the concerns of local business, and is pleased with the Council support available. Yes, due to COVID-19, there’s has been considerable impact with business resilience as a focal point, however there are many other local business interests and issues that need to be addressed.


Also as a priority, Michael wants to work with the Community to progress concerns of community safety, and crime prevention, and key issues for youth at risk.


Michael is an advocate for the concerns of families, and promotes the interests of local business in Pittwater. He is passionate about working closely with the Community, and continuing to build a more vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and supportive community, while striving to provide the best possible services and amenities.

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