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  • Ensure council’s transparency and accountability

  • Being proactive rather than reactive

  • Resolve challenges state government will present

  • Engage the community

Michael Regan was the first directly elected Mayor of Warringah in 2008 and was re-elected in 2012 with an increased majority. He is proudly independent and is passionate about good corporate governance and accountability. Under his leadership, numerous projects such as the completion of the Narrabeen Lagoon trail and the creation of the All Ability Precinct at Collaroy were implemented and the reputation of Warringah Council as a service provider was greatly enhanced. In October 2015, the council was awarded the A. R. Bluett Memorial Award, which recognises the best-performing council in the state; an acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication of Michael, his fellow councillors, the council staff and the community at large.




With nearly two decades of experience working in local government, it took a game of cricket to inspire Michael to run for council. A self-confessed cricket tragic, he was playing at Passmore Reserve in Manly Vale and complaining to his team mates about the state of the pitch and ‘the bloody council’ which hadn’t maintained it.


Declaring he could do a better job, Michael decided he would. He launched the Wake Up Warringah Party, promising to wipe out infighting and run council more as a board of directors. He refers to his subsequent election as Mayor as a “a very humbling accident”. However it was no accident when he was elected again in 2012 on the Your Warringah ticket, scoring nearly 60% of the vote.


Now the Chair of the Northern Beaches Council’s Economic Committee, Michael is heading the Your Northern Beaches Independent Team, and has gathered together 14 other local residents of extraordinary calibre and talent, all sharing the common goal of ignoring political agendas and putting their community first.


During his eight-year term as Mayor, Michael led council to deliver on increased services and invest more than $100 million on capital renewal of public assets, from sporting facilities to Glen Street theatre. His achievements were recognised in 2015 when Warringah Council was awarded by Local Government NSW best performing council in the state, acknowledging a wide range of accomplishments including organisational improvements, a sound financial position, collaboration with community groups and arts and cultural projects.


The council was also recognised for its excellent infrastructure renewal programs including the Narrabeen Lagoon Trail, Collaroy’s All Abilities Playground and Forestville Sporting Facilities.


While his achievements are many, it’s Michael’s genuine commitment to the Northern Beaches that has earned the trust of his community. He and his wife Bronwen have worked tirelessly to engage local residents and listen to their needs and grievances and Michael is under no illusion that the new Northern Beaches Council will need to listen even more as the state government and its aligned councillors strive to interfere more in their daily lives. 
He lists the impacts of the Beaches Tunnel, Ingleside development, the new hospital and the closure of Manly Hospital will have on the community as just several priorities where successful outcomes need to be achieved.

Below are the first 2 Mayoral minutes presented by Michael, and to keep read more just head to this link.