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Love Frenchs Forest

My immediate action items working for you include:

  • Environmental Protection

  • Strong Governance and Financial stability  for Council

  • Support for Local Business


Under Michael's Leadership,

Northern Beaches Council was awarded the best Council in the state of NSW.

Michael also led Northern Beaches Council to move all Council-owned buildings and sites (382 of them!) to 100% renewable energy, slashing the carbon footprint by 65% and $1.9 mil from energy bills over 7 years.

Serving as Mayor since 2008 and with over 20 years experience in the Local Government sector prior to that, Michael takes a professional and consultative approach to his leadership role.

Michael’s firm goals are to ensure Council is protecting our environment, supporting our local businesses and enhancing our overall quality of life. He ensures the community is put first in decision making and has been working hard to continually improve the overall standards of Council. Michael takes a leading role in guiding our community through the COVID-19 pandemic.



Michael Regan was the first popularly elected Mayor of Warringah in 2008 and was re-elected by the community in 2012. Under his leadership, numerous projects such as the completion of the Narrabeen Lagoon trail and the creation of the All Ability Precinct at Collaroy were implemented.  In October 2015, the council was awarded the A. R. Bluett Memorial Award, which recognises the best-performing council in the state which is testament to the hard work and dedication of Michael, his fellow councillors, the council staff and the community at large.

In 2017, Michael was elected as the first Mayor of the Northern Beaches Council and again in 2019.  With over 12 years in the position of Mayor with Warringah and now Northern Beaches Council and before that, nearly two decades of experience working in local government, he takes his job very seriously and has a genuine commitment to serving his community.


Michael has worked hard to increase community trust in the Council and to lift the overall delivery and customer service standards of the organisation. He is committed to making sure that Council remains transparent and accountable, takes a responsible and appropriate approach to planning and fulfills it’s important role of environmental protection.

Under Michael’s stewardship, in December 2019 Northern Beaches Council adopted “Protect. Create. Live. Environment and Climate Change Strategy 2040”. The strategy provides a roadmap on how Council and the Community can shape a positive environmental future by addressing the challenges and embracing opportunities.

He is proud that Council recently met two of the commitments from the strategy by switching to 100% renewable electricity. These changes mean that Council’s has met its corporate commitments to have "all suitable sites powered by renewable electricity by 2030" and a "65% reduction in carbon emissions by 2040" earlier than was scheduled.


Other achievements across the Northern Beaches area include dedicated support for businesses impacted by the COVID19 lockdowns, increased funding for the Arts, new community facilities, enhanced support services for the youth and the elderly and major upgrades to sporting facilities including numerous surf clubs.


In the Frenchs Forest ward, Michael is concerned about a number of major State Government projects that will be rolled out over the coming years – the implementation of the Hospital Precinct plan, the relocation of Forest High School, the flow on effects of development at Ingleside and the roadworks along Wakehurst Parkway in preparation for the Beaches Link Tunnel. It is important that the area has a strong independent voice to ensure the Liberal State Government listens to the local community.


Michael has been working tirelessly for the community for the last 12 years, earning widespread respect from State and Federal leaders, from others in the local government sector and from the community at large. But there is plenty more work to be done and he’s asking for your support.

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