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Special Olympics Sydney Northern Beaches - Winter Aquatics Program

This Mayoral Minute was passed unanimously.

Councillor Walton declared a less than significant non-pecuniary interest in relation to Item 6.1 – Fee Waiver Special Olympics Sydney Northern Beaches and remained in the meeting and participated in the voting and discussion on this item. The reason provided by Councillor Walton was: “2015-2017 Deputy Chairman of Special Olympics Sydney Northern Beaches. Resigned in September 2017 upon election to Council”.

Special Olympics Sydney Northern Beaches has sought assistance from Council to waive the fees for lane hire at the Warringah Aquatic Centre to enable them to conduct their winter aquatics program this season.

Special Olympics Sydney Northern Beaches provides year round sports training and competition for approximately 100 people in the local community with an intellectual disability giving them the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits that sport provides. Programs are designed to ensure that every athlete irrespective of their ability level has the opportunity to participate in their chosen sport. They are a not for profit organisation that is run by hard working passionate volunteers and are reliant on assistance from the community and funds raised through their charity events. Council has been proud to assist this organisation in the past and is very aware of the enormous contribution they make to our community.

The organisation received support from the former Warringah Council through the waiving of fees for lane hire and they were recently worthy recipients of a grant of $8,000 in the 2017 Round 2 Stronger Communities Grant program. This funding went towards the Special Olympics Festival of Sport held in early March which was a great success.

Council has also been fortunate in participating in their previous charity events as well. Council has the opportunity to continue their support to this organisation by waiving the current lane hire fee of $807.50.

In order to do this, I am advised that a Council Resolution is required for any reduction or fee waiver to an organisation for the use of Council’s services and facilities and therefore I put forward this request for consideration. I understand that funding in the amount of $807.50 can be covered under existing operational budgets.

RECOMMENDATION OF MAYOR That Council waives the fee of $807.50 for lane hire at the Warringah Aquatic Centre to Special Olympics Sydney Northern Beaches for the 2018 Winter Aquatics program.

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