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Roseberry Street South, Balgowlah is under increasing pressure due to the opening of a number of large retail outlets in the street in recent times, with more to come. In 2011 the former Manly Council adopted a Masterplan for the Manly Industrial Area, in recognition of the changing use of the area with the then pending opening of Bunnings and Woolworths in Roseberry Street South, Balgowlah. Since then further major retailers, including furniture outlets, have opened in this section of the street. Shortly, Aldi will be operating a major supermarket there as well. In addition, the operation of the B-Line car parking station in Kenneth Road, with restricted entry & exit points, will further impact on this already highly-congested area.


Acting CEO Response:

The 2011 Manly Industrial Zone Masterplan proposed a range of enhancements to improve the amenity of the area. Many of these actions have been completed however some initiatives, including a new gateway entry at Roseberry Street north (including landscape elements and raised pedestrian crossing) did not proceed to more detailed design and costing following the decision of the Local Traffic Committee at that time.

Strategic and Place Planning has not scheduled a review of the 2011 Manly Industrial Zone Masterplan for 2017/18 or 2018/2019. Having regard for the current program of works including the Avalon Place Plan, Mona Vale Place Plan and review of the Manly 2015 Masterplan staff are not able to commit to such a review until after this period. It is recommended that further consideration of the need for a review of the Masterplan be undertaken following the implementation of actions from a comprehensive Traffic Study as outlined below.

It is recognised that since the Plan was completed a number of new retail uses have been established, potentially impacting traffic in the area. Council’s Transport Network team are currently seeking quotations for a full traffic study of Roseberry Street. This scope of this study also includes a review of the potential of extending Quirk Road.

The possibility and traffic impact of joining the north and south sections of Quirk Road, linking Balgowlah Road and Kenneth Road will be considered as part of the study above, however staff suggest that initial estimates for this component of the works is in the order of $4million - $5million.

Given the scale of the study and the need to obtain sufficient data, staff have advised it could be delivered within 6 months.

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