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This notice of motion was debated about the newly formed Safety Committee which is going to have it's first meeting on Thursday April 12,2018.

This motion was to add 3 more representatives to the Committee, which was lost as the general consensus was the committee was already very large.

Cr Daley / Cr De Luca


A. The Terms of Reference and Charter of the Northern Beaches Council Community Safety Committee be amended in the following way:

a. The Safety Committee currently includes a State Member of Parliament and that this component of the committee be expanded to include all four (4) State Members of Parliament on the Northern Beaches or their nominated representative. (as per below Composition/Membership of the Terms of Reference/Charter) Proposed Composition/Membership Membership of the Committee comprises of up to 27 representatives of organisations, groups and community members.

The Chairperson is the Mayor or his nominated delegate on this group and Deputy Chair as elected by the Mayor. The following Council members will be appointed  Mayor (Chair) and 4 appointed Councillors (1 per Ward) The group will consist of up to 17 members of the following Northern Beaches organisations:

 Northern Beaches Police Local Area Commander and/or a delegate Northern Sydney Area Health Service

 Corrections NSW

 2 x Community Service Providers

 NSW Family and Community Services

 Northern Beaches Liquor Accord

 Transport NSW

 Drug and Alcohol Service

 2 x Chamber of Commerce

 1 Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches representative

 Youth agency representative

4 State Members (representing all 4 State MP’s)

 5 Community members or groups interested in representing a broad range of strategic views in this topic across the Northern Beaches (* Ideally one member per ward).

B. The name of the Northern Beaches Council Community Safety Committee retain its title for all intents and purposes however to highlight the absolute importance and urgency of this task the Safety Committee hold specific meetings regarding the issues mentioned and that it be called a Task Force when dealing with this aspect of its work.

VOTING FOR: Crs McTaggart, Amon, Daley, Sprott, Walton, Ferguson and De Luca

AGAINST: Crs Heins, Grattan, Philpott, White, Warren, Harrison, Bingham and Regan


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