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Belrose TAFE Site


The NSW Government owns an area of approximately 10.83ha located on Forest Way Belrose which was previously allocated for a proposed TAFE site in Belrose (known as the Belrose TAFE site).

The site is currently zoned C8 Belrose North under Warringah LEP 2000 (deferred area). The site is irregular in shape and comprises a number of parcels. The site also has frontages to Wyatt Avenue and Linden Avenue. The majority of the site is densely vegetated and holds a number of Threatened Flora Species and therefore, the site has limited development potential. This Belrose TAFE site has been identified as surplus for disposal as part of TAFE’s regular review of it’s property holdings and since that time, MP Jonathon O’Dea - Member for Davidson, TAFE NSW and Council staff have been in discussions regarding the future of this site. Additionally, Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) is in discussions to retain the majority of the site in State ownership to retain the endangered bushland to be used for bio-certification off-sets to off-set the removal of other endangered bushland as a result of its recent road widening works on the Northern Beaches e.g. Warringah Road upgrade adjacent to the new Northern Beaches Hospital and the proposed Mona Vale Road widening project.

However, TAFE NSW has recently agreed in principle to offer approximately 3,415m2 of the site (subject to subdivision consent based on the LEP controls) on Wyatt Avenue to Council for public recreation at nominal consideration (e.g. $1) on the condition that:

1. Council develop the land on Wyatt Avenue adjacent to John Colet School (approximately 2,574m2 ) as a Council open space recreation facility, provisionally planned as three synthetic grass courts and some associated amenities

2. The land be classified as Community Land in accordance with the Local Government Act.

3. Council accepts that the land will be subject to a caveat on title that the land can only be used for community purposes for no less than 15 years.

4. Council accepts legal liability for the land upon transfer

It is important to note that Council has not been provided the ability to do appropriate due diligence on the parcels of land to be transferred. However, TAFE NSW is comfortable that the transfer is subject to appropriate due diligence to ensure Council is not taking on any unreasonable future liability in this transfer of this land.

065/18 RESOLVED Cr Regan / Cr Sprott


A. Council accept and authorise the transfer of the subject TAFE NSW land identified in the report (being Lot 2 DP 536909, Lot 2620 DP 752038 and Part Lot 100 DP 874509), subject to appropriate due diligence, totalling approximately 3,415m2 for nominal consideration (e.g. $1) and fund any legal costs and disbursements in relation to this transfer (subject to subdivision consent).

B. Council give public notice in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 of the proposal that the land be classified as Community land under the Local Government Act 1993.

C. Council in principle, commit to delivering the capital improvement works in the 2018/19 financial year.

D. Council authorise the Chief Executive Officer to carry out all things necessary to give effect to this resolution including the execution of any required documentation under the existing Power of Attorney.

VOTING FOR: Crs McTaggart, Amon, Grattan, Philpott, Daley, White, Warren, Harrison, Sprott, Walton, Ferguson, DeLuca, Bingham and Regan

ABSENT: Cr Heins


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