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Sean Moran

“I am proudly running for council to offer a clear, positive and passionate voice for the youth of our community.  I will bring the ideas, perspectives and experiences of young people to the table.”

– Sean Moran


  • Youth Services, especially LGBTQI+ services

  • Environmental protections

  • Community opportunities for Arts and Entertainment post-pandemic

  • Commitments to greater waste reduction initiatives eg FoGo

As a community liaison officer, Sean Moran assists people dealing with issues relating to the NDIS, Aged Care Services, Mental Health support and other Government Agencies.

The Collaroy resident is keen to empower the youth of the Northern Beaches to have a voice on Council, particularly when it comes to important issues such as dynamic mental health support, housing affordability, arts and culture and the protection of our natural environment.

He is an education business owner with a passion for the Arts and is concerned about the impacts that COVID-19 has had on the sector both short term and long term.

Sean was born and raised on the Northern Beaches, calling Collaroy Beach home for the past 17 years. He is a familiar face in the Collaroy and Narrabeen communities and firmly believes that independent representation offers the most robust and uncompromised voice for our community.

Sean obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications from Macquarie University, majoring in screen production and excelling in news and current affairs. Following his university study, Sean was accepted into the Screen Actor’s studio at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA).


At the age of 24, Sean opened a successful arts education business, The Actory Drama School, which operates out of numerous local primary and high schools on the Northern Beaches. His popular classes equip students with the ability to boost their skills and confidence, not just for performance, but for everyday life. Sean is seeking to expand his business to provide a new class for children with special needs.


Sean currently works as a Community Liaison Officer, a role that requires frequent engagement with the local community, supporting and advising them as they deal with issues relating to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Aged Care, the NBN, various mental health supports and other Government Services.


Sean is proud to offer a voice to the youth of the Northern Beaches who often feel sidelined in important decision making. He wants to see the expansion of youth services, particularly the mental and social health supports of LGBTQI+ youth in general. Sean wants to enhance opportunities to build greater support for those who may be struggling with their identity.


Sean was a vocal advocate for Marriage Equality, once debating the issue with the former Federal Member for Mackellar, Bronwyn Bishop, two years before the plebiscite was introduced.  


Another pressing concern Sean has identified for the youth of the Northern Beaches is the growing inability for first home buyers to purchase properties in the suburbs they call home. Sean identifies this as an issue of severe socio-economic impact, as the prohibitive costs of property ownership will force locals out of our community. He wants to see Council take a leading role in obtaining expert assessment and advice and consult with the community to find viable, long term solutions.


If elected to council, Sean will be active on the cause of environmental protection. Like many local residents, he is particularly concerned with the erosion of the Collaroy and Narrabeen beachfront. The increased frequency and severity of east coast lows puts pressure on the next council to act decisively. The ecological damage, let alone the expensive infrastructure requirements, must be avoided. Sean will be active in exploring and implementing robust protection measures, in consultation with the local community.


Sean acknowledges that the COVID-19 pandemic has had devastating impacts on the local arts sector and that cultural and entertainment industries have suffered immensely throughout the pandemic. It is vitally important that there is a voice on the council to actively support our local artists, musicians, and performers as they rebuild. Sean finds inspiration from local initiatives like the Brookvale Arts District and will be active in supporting other fantastic local initiatives, particularly in the Narrabeen Ward.

Sean is passionate about mental health support. While the national dialogue on mental health has been improving, Sean believes the local resources need to catch up. Education, access and affordability are important, yet not always easy to find. It is imperative that local government lead the way in improving these vital services for the safety and security of those in our community who need either short term or prolonged assistance.

Sean is immensely proud to join the ballot as part of the ‘Your Northern Beaches’ Independents team.

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