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Love Frenchs Forest
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Sarah Baker

“I’m running for Council because I believe in the importance of a local independent voice to represent the Forest area of the Northern Beaches as well as an Independent voice at all levels of government.”

  – Sarah Baker

Immediate areas of focus:

  • Community Space for a marketplace

  • Certainty around High School

  • Environmental Protection

  • Supporting Local Businesses 

Sarah is a Frenchs Forest resident and parent to teenage boys. She has broad experience in Healthcare and Finance and is passionate about democratic engagement in our local community.


She is a volunteer on the committee for the NSW Council of Civil Liberties and is an active supporter of #OurDemocracy.  She has two boys in the early years of high school and loves spending time with them. Sarah enjoys renovating, hiking and photography.

Sarah moved here from the UK over 20 years ago and has worked in executive and advisory roles in Healthcare and Finance. Following the sale of her latest business investment, Sarah took some time off to volunteer for various organisations and groups.


Sarah is proud to be on the committee of The NSW Council for Civil Liberties – an organisation that has been around since 1963 and works hard to ensure that our rights and liberties are protected. She is passionate about encouraging democratic engagement and political discussion.


Sarah is concerned about the lack of clarity on the Frenchs Forest Town Centre Plan and would like to see communication updates to residents against a Project Plan with timelines. There are a lot of questions from new families in the area about the proposed relocation of Frenchs Forest High School and although this is a State Government project, Council has a key role in making sure the community is heard and involved.


Sarah is also aware that many local residents are excited at the prospect of a revitalised Frenchs Forest Town Centre, particularly since the loss of the Frenchs Forest Organic Market which was a hub and meeting place for residents. Similarly they are concerned about the impacts of development to the Skyline shop area. If the Town Centre is not on the near term horizon, Sarah would advocate for a regular local market space as a meeting hub for our community.


Sarah firmly believes that connection is at the heart of everything in a healthy thriving community. She would like to find ways to strengthen the "villages" of the Northern Beaches by having more local markets and developing the village heart for each suburb - give the local community more opportunities to connect with one another. 


This is especially relevant for when we emerge from the pandemic. Having worked in various Health and Finance roles, Sarah is acutely aware of the impact of the Covid19 restrictions on both health and business. She wants to make sure Council has appropriate long term measures in place to help us all through the pandemic and also through the recovery.


As a committee member of NSWCCL, Sarah is keenly aware of civil liberties issues and wants to ensure that civil liberties are protected for all Australian citizens. She is particularly interested in Climate Justice and First Nations Justice.


Sarah is also the NSWCCL contact for the #OurDemocracy campaign which has three key aims.

(1) to stamp out corruption with strong laws for accountability and integrity
(2) to end cash for access which stops political donations being used for political favours and
(3) to be able to count on truth in election debates.


Sarah is passionate about ensuring that we have true Independent representation at all levels of government.


Sarah is also a member of Sydney Angels, a not-for-profit investment membership organisation and provides advice and support to a number of Start Ups. Sarah also enjoys investing in altruistic ventures.

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