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Family Walking On the Beach


Pat Wilson

“Leadership is about taking people with you and the most underestimated communication skill is listening,” – Pat Wilson

For Pat Wilson life is all about teamwork.  After all, with 30 years experience in senior management of sport and venues, teamwork is well and truly embedded into his DNA. His years as a former 1st grade rugby player, a marathon runner and a dad, along with his experience working with local and state governments, have also convinced him that goals are more easily attainable with the support of others.


The Chief Operating Officer of Venues NSW sees being a member of Your Northern Beaches Independent Team no differently, and is keen to use his experience of leadership and teamwork to create the representation he believes the new Northern Beaches Council needs and his community deserves.



Pat grew up on the beaches attending St Augustine’s College and buying his first house at Freshwater in 1992. He says it’s the natural beauty and character of the community which keeps him on the beaches, but admits he’s concerned by the challenges emerging from a growing population and its impact on traffic, parking and access to facilities. As a former CEO of Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and current member of Warringah Golf Club, his instinctive passion for sport and youth will naturally encourage him to support local sporting facilities as well as seeking solutions to ease youth unemployment.


Pat believes common sense needs to prevail to forward plan, while a mature and skilled council is needed to make balanced decisions based on the interests of the residents.  He sees consistent research into critical issues, involving engagement with key stakeholders and individuals, as key to ensuring everyone has a voice.


Pat wants to work with a respectful council built on performance and accountability. He says there is no room for ego within chambers and decisions should be swayed by facts, not by mindsets nor agendas. He understands that a willingness to engage and listen is crucial to creating a team motivated to serve and succeed. 

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