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We are people, just like you, who want the best for our community.

Our interests are varied with all of us involved in many of the activities our beautiful beaches offer, including sport, arts, emergency services, business, retail, schools and youth and senior events.



We are locals, like you, who want the best for our community.

We want to hear your thoughts to help shape the best future for your Northern Beaches. What can be improved, what would make your life better? Dream big, you never know what is possible.

Let us know how we can make our area even better.

Only Independent locals can work with the NSW and Federal government and hold them accountable to Northern Beaches' expectations.

Meet our team in

Manly   |   Curl Curl   |   Pittwater   |   Frenchs Forest   |   Narrabeen

We are not tied down to old political parties.

We are professional, skilled locals who want to speak up for you and create real change. Talk with us so we can help you.

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