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Your Donation Matters

Running elections are expensive.
As independents, we run on a shoestring with grit and vision, and rely on the generosity of individuals in our community.

We can not accept donations from some entities and there are disclosure and reporting requirements outlined by the ATO and Election Commission.

Donations above $1000 are reported to the NSW Electoral Commission and are publicly listed. $6700 is the maximum we can accept from one person or business.

 As a small independent party, every donation helps enormously.

Quick Donate

$6700 is the maximum per donor/year

Donate Now

Note: you will be charged credit card fees.

Bank transfer has zero fees.


PayID is the best way you can make sure all of your donations reach us. It’s safe and free with no fees and you can transfer directly from your own internet banking platform.


To make a donation with PayID, log on to your own internet bank site or mobile banking

app and use PayID to transfer to our ABN: 


Include your mobile number as the description so we can arrange your receipt.

Instructions are here if you need them.

An error occurred. Please try again (Your card was not charged)

If you have any problems or a question, just can call Paul our Treasurer on 0458 585 808, he’ll be happy to chat!



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