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It has been an incredibly challenging 18 months for everyone throughout this pandemic, especially for business owners, employees, parents, seniors, youth, people living alone, in couples and in families. There have been challenges, different challenges, for everyone and what unites us is the rare chance we've had to stay and enjoy our beautiful community. We've never seen so many new mountain bikes, dogs, or people picnicking in our beautiful area!

We have also had a rare opportunity to stop and reflect on what our relationships mean to us, how important stress relief skills and mental health fitness are, as well as what job we do, roles we play and what future we want.

We want to hear your thoughts to help shape the best future for your Northern Beaches. What can be improved, what would make your life better?


What Do You Want For Your Local Area?

Being independent, we aren't tied to what Liberal, Labour or Greens policies are. We just get to talk with the community and decide the best ideas and how to implement them so that every person in our community feels connected and can contribute.

So please share your ideas, let's discuss and help make our community even better!

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Transparency for the Community

We are a group of locals who care about our community and proudly serve their wishes. As genuine independents, we’re not answerable to any major party - just the people of the Northern Beaches. 

Please share your thoughts about how we can implement the solutions that are most important to you.

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