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PURPOSE To establish the proposed extension to the Alcohol Free Zone (AFZ) in the Manly CBD area to include the streets surrounding Manly Oval and Ivanhoe Park bounded by Sydney Road, Park Ave and Raglan Street, Manly, as identified in the Map (see Attachment 1), in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993.

In response to a request from the NSW Police, at the Council meeting of 26 June 2018, Council resolved:


A. Council adopt the proposal to create an Alcohol Free Zone in Manly for a further four year period from 8 July 2018 to 8 July 2022. The Zone will cover public roads, footpaths and carparks within the vicinity bounded by North Steyne and South Steyne, Ashburner Street, East and West Esplanade, Eustace Street, Pittwater Road and Steinton Street, Manly.

B. Council place the proposed extension of the Alcohol Free Zone, surrounding Manly Oval and Ivanhoe Park, bounded by Sydney Road, Park Ave and Raglan Street, Manly, on public exhibition for a period of 30 days. The proposed extension to the AFZ was placed on public exhibition from 7 July to 8 August 2018.

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