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To report on the Notice of Motion of 27 March 2018, where Council resolved:

A. Council endorse the Alcohol Prohibited Area (APA) at East Esplanade to an Alcohol Prohibited Area from 8.00pm to 8.00am to assist Council and Police to enforce the zoning.

B. Council undertake the deployment of night rangers or alternative measures to deal with noise issues and enforcement of Alcohol Prohibited Areas. If user pays police are used in East Esplanade that should be reported to Council on a quarterly basis including costs and dates.

C. Council develop other strategies to clear the area of illegal drinkers.

D. Council refer the matter to the Northern Beaches Safety Advisory Committee for ongoing monitoring.

E. Council prepare a Community Safety Management Plan for East Esplanade within the next three months.

In response to the Council resolution, Items A to C have been implemented. The new signage for the Alcohol Prohibited Area was installed on 29 March 2018 and patrols of these new requirements commenced on 30 March 2018. Regular patrols of East Esplanade Reserve (the Reserve) have been maintained by the Ranger unit, including some additional patrols around public holidays. Rangers have observed a high level of compliance with only a small number of people requiring direction. Directions are being followed by the public. In regards to Items D and E, the Northern Beaches Community Safety Committee has been engaged and assisted in the development of the draft East Esplanade Reserve Community Safety Plan. The draft Plan was presented at the Community Safety Committee Meeting of 2 August and endorsed unanimously. Implementation of some actions within the draft Plan have commenced, including a funding application for the installation of CCTV in the Reserve.

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