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Beaches Link Project June 2018 Update

Councillor Sarah Grattan has been actively involved behind the scenes on advocating for resident groups in Balgowlah, Nth Balgowlah and Seaforth on the Beaches Link Tunnel. The following are some comments about the recently "leaked document".


Local residents groups and NB Council have worked proactively and constructively with RMS on the Beaches Link Tunnel over the last 18 months in quite a radical departure from widespread community opposition to infrastructure seen elsewhere. The result? The RMS have not only listened, they are proud of that!

We now have the official detail and local residents advocacy has achieved some significant wins. Whilst the overwhelming majority of NB residents are behind the tunnel - we know that Seaforth & Balgowlah locals are the residents that will wear the negative impacts, particularly during the next 10 years of construction. All residents need to go through the REF detail and continue to advocate strongly for positive change.

It is not perfect by any stretch- but thanks to constructive community advocacy we have a much better proposal to work with.

Our wins:

1) We have saved Burnt Bridge creek and surrounding homes

2) We have moved the entrance at Seaforth further away from the oval and homes

3) Potential Park & Ride at Seaforth for public transport improvements (& potential for use to reduce parking pressures in Manly if we can develop Manly to Seaforth “shuttle”)

4) Fauna crossings on Wakehurst Parkway

5) Active transport infrastructure in the area including Wakehurst Pky

6) New recreational facilities after construction

7) No trucks on local roads during construction

8. Additional consultation process before EIS - open until 9th November.

Key challenges remain and Sarah will continue to advocate and continue to work with our MP James Griffin and RMS during the next consultation process. Initial concerns are:

* Emission stack in Balgowlah - can we redirect airflow in tunnel to prioritise emission exit at wakehurst or filters?

* Traffic management and road safety near Bally Boys

* Works zone location options at Seaforth and protection of Manly Dam catchment

* Wakehurst Parkway entrance should be further away ... at least 500 metres north of Kirkwood

* Compensation for Balgowlah Golf Club members - after known closure I will work with club to help facilitate membership transfers to alternate clubs.

* Impact on Dudley St (& Pickworth ave) residents

* Middle Harbour sediment, potential contamination, impact on marine environment.

* Viability of Seaforth town centre

No doubt there are additional things to be discovered.

If you need more information, please contact Sarah on

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