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This Notice of Motion changed from the original version to reflect the change in policy at the new Council since this discussion started in Pittwater many years ago.

Submitted by: Councillor Alex McTaggart

MOTION That staff provide council with a briefing note before the August 2018 Council meeting outlining an indicative cost and any other considerations to:

A. Undertake a trial unleashed dogs on Station Beach Palm Beach.

B. Provide the statutory and regulatory requirements for a trial to be undertaken at both North Palm Beach and South Mona vale.

C. In order to adequately cost the Station Beach trial council consult with the executive of Pittwater unleashed to determine the perimeters of such a trial.

BACKGROUND FROM COUNCILLOR ALEX MCTAGGART The new code of meeting practice requires intending notices of motion to have identified a cost to council and funding source. I am considering the motion below regarding Station Beach and this requires such information to be provided before it can be considered.

Proposed future motion for background Council and community are aware that, as recently as 17th November 2014, the former Pittwater Council obtained a report from staff about trial unleashed dog areas, including Station Beach Palm Beach, for which council had already passed a resolution in relation to a trial [subject to certain conditions relating to government agencies being satisfied].

The responsible manager stated that in order to spread the load, several locations would be better than just a single location. Since the new council was elected various councillors and the lobby group Pittwater Unleashed have worked patiently and respectfully to unravel the past, resolve the issues and move forward to a point where I am confident council can move to the next stage of a trial. It would be fair to say staff now have a good understanding of the issues.

The relevant information is available but can be best summarised in two documents.

Response to question on notice Council meeting 27th March 2018, trim file 2018/156755 and reply to questions 23rd May 2018, trim file 2018/242857 and 2018/242691. These trials refer to the previous Pittwater LGA, are contained to the current Pittwater Ward and are not intended to affect other Northern Beaches Council Wards


A. Council notes the contents of the 22nd April 2018 letter addressed to the acting CEO Northern Beaches Council, from community group Pittwater Unleashed in relatioCorruption of Process-Station Beach dog trial”.

B. Council notes that staff have advised in a letter to Pittwater Unleashed dated 7th June 2018 they are writing to Department of Industry-Lands with respect to matters contained in the 22 REPORT TO ORDINARY COUNCIL MEETING ITEM NO. 12.4 - 26 JUNE 2018 195 April 2018 Pittwater Unleashed letter and are thereby requesting “current views” on the Station Beach trial.

C. Subject to the updated response from Department of Industry- Lands presenting no unresolvable barrier to the Station Beach trial process continuing ,Council take immediate steps to advance that process.

D. Executive committee of Pittwater Unleashed be consulted with respect to settling all materials in support of the public exhibition and community consultation phase for station beach.

E. Council note the proposed Station Beach trial area as figure 1 on attached map. North palm beach and south Mona Vale trial

F. Council further notes the report to council of 17 November 2014, and specifically with respect to the conduct of a trial beach area for dogs, the considered opinion of the Manager Reserves,Recreation & Building Services at page 21 that “the better approach would be to run the trial over several beaches to lessen the load on any particular beach”, and also at page 21 that “Council could consider undertaking a trial and if so ,it would be advisable to do so at a number of beaches”.

G. In light of the above considered recommendation of the Manager- Reserves ,Recreation & Building Services, Council immediately take the necessary statutory steps [as set out in the memorandum record number 2018/24257 and 2018/242691] to bring about the trials for locations shown in Figures 2 and 3.

ACTING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER REPORT In accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice Clause 4.15(a) I offer the following report on this matter to assist Council in the deliberation of this motion:

The motion that staff provide Council with a briefing note before the August 2018 Council meeting can be carried out within existing operational budgets. By way of background the proposal to progress a trial has a number of considerations including in relation to permissibility and community engagement and would require the installation of infrastructure, community education materials and significant staff resources to ensure appropriate implementation.

Progressing a trial is not currently included in the 2018-19 Operational Plan and as such, if this motion is resolved by Council, will outline funding and resourcing implications for the consideration of Council.

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