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This policy was voted through unanimously to place on public exhibition for feedback.

To seek approval to place the draft Glen Street Theatre Complimentary Tickets Policy on public exhibition for a period of twenty eight (28) days.

SUMMARY In the performing arts industry, and in line with current industry practice across Australia, complimentary tickets are leveraged by theatres to deliver on business and community objectives.

A review of past complimentary ticket practices at Glen Street Theatre has been undertaken, with the draft Policy providing clear guidelines on when it is appropriate to use complimentary tickets for strategic advantage.

  • The draft Glen Street Theatre Complimentary Tickets Policy will provide benefits to Council and the community through the allocation of complimentary tickets that will;

  • Facilitate informal outreach programs to make the theatre financially accessible to disadvantaged community members,

  • maximise profile and ticket sales through the publicity generated by opening nights,

  • support the continuous improvement of customer service and theatre operations by providing training and professional development for venue staff, and

  • to assist Councillors and senior staff to maintain an appropriate overview of Council’s investment in Glen Street Theatre.

The draft Policy provides a framework to ensure that the distribution of Glen Street Theatre complimentary tickets is transparent, and meets the accountability standards of Council. It provides a matrix that defines the parameters of complimentary ticket distribution and ensures that they are not used at the expense of paid tickets, but rather to minimise the opportunity cost of unused tickets. The peak industry body for performing arts venues, PAC Australia, endorses these principles. It should be noted that complimentary tickets allocated to staff and Councillors in accordance with the draft Policy are not viewed as gifts or benefits.

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