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As mentioned in an earlier post the new Low Rise Medium Density Code is due to come into effect July 6.

We had concerns regarding lack of notification to neighbours and especially some areas of the Northern Beaches that would change dramatically due to their current zoning.

This would affect a lot of the former Manly area and some of former Pittwater, especially Warriewood.

As reported in the newspapers, a reprieve for 1 year is now in place so that Council can work on identifying the best place for these types of developments.

These types of housing are identified in the Act as;

3B.1 Development that can be complying development under this code

(1) The erection or alteration of, or addition to, any of the following can be complying development under this code: (a) any 1 or 2 storey dual occupancy, manor house or multi dwelling housing (terraces),

(b) any attached development or detached development related to any building referred to in paragraph (a).

(2) For the purposes of calculating the number of storeys in a building for the purposes of this code, only those parts of a basement that comprise habitable rooms are to be counted as a storey.

(3) Lot requirements Complying development specified for this code may only be carried out on a lot that meets the following requirements:

(a) the lot must be in Zone RU5, Zone R1, Zone R2 or Zone R3,

(b) the lot must have lawful access to a public road at the completion of the development.

(4) Erection of attached development and detached development Attached development or detached development may be erected on a lot:

(a) if a dual occupancy, manor house or multi dwelling housing (terraces) exists on the lot, or

(b) if there is a current development consent or complying development certificate for the construction of a dual occupancy, manor house or multi dwelling housing (terraces) on the lot.

Note 1. Complying development certificate has the same meaning as it has in the Act.

Note 2. Clauses 1.17A, 1.18 and 1.19 (1) set out additional requirements for complying development.

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