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That in view of community concerns expressed regarding the proposed boardwalk at Kiddies Corner, at the Southern end of Palm Beach (“Boardwalk”), and the associated loss of parking spaces, Council halt the progression of the construction of the Boardwalk, pending further community consultation and a briefing to Councillors following that consultation.


Acting CEO Response:

The plan for a boardwalk at ‘Kiddies Corner’ in Palm Beach is a part of the Palm Beach (south) Landscape Masterplan.

The draft that was placed on public exhibition clearly showed the proposed boardwalk.

The Masterplan was adopted by Council in August 2017 following a period of community consultation and was endorsed by the Palm Beach and Whale Beach Association prior to adoption.

The purpose of the Kiddies Corner boardwalk as identified in the Palm Beach (south) Masterplan (and also the draft masterplan) is to provide safe and inclusive access from the reserve south of the Pavilion to the rockpool. This area is currently unsafe for pedestrians as cars are parking on the road edge in an area that is informal and does not meet Roads and Maritime Services guidelines for parking. This is causing pedestrian safety issues and also the road edge to degrade.

As the Masterplan is already adopted, Council staff over the coming months will proceed to detailed design work, including geotechnical investigation and determining firm costings. Key design considerations will include engineering the boardwalk to withstand coastal hazards, producing a design that is sympathetic to local area, and minimises the impacts on the environment and parking. As advised to Councillors, further community consultation is already planned for this project once designs have been prepared, as is a briefing of Councillors.

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