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Clr Grattan added this addition so the Audit, Risk & Improvement Committee could keep monitoring these risks.

2018 127/18 RESOLVED Cr Grattan / Cr Sprott


A. Council note the Budget Review Statement for the nine (9) months ended 31 March 2018.

B. Council approve the following changes to the Current Forecast in the March 2018 Business Review Statement:

a. An increase in the forecast Surplus from Continuing Operations which includes Capital Grants and Contributions of $12,390,000 to $71,012,658

b. A decrease in capital expenditure by $18,330,364 to $91,463,750.

C. Council request an update be brought to the next Audit Risk and Improvement Committee meeting on the management plans and progress on risks contained in this quarterly review budget statement, namely:

  • employee vacancies

  • capital program underspend

  • recycling industry developments

  • private certifier impact on revenue and services

  • Kimbriki financial variance, and

  • integration costs.

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