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The Ocean St Bridge is a known recreational spot at the Northern end of the peninsula. The bridge has long attracted young people who jump into the lagoon on hot summer and spring days. The young people jump from a Sydney Water mains pipe which runs adjacent to the bridge. Council has erected appropriate signage to warn of the dangers of jumping from the bridge. In recent days, Sydney Water has installed spikes at the Southern and Northern end of the Sydney Water pipe which frustrates pedestrian access (see below images). Young people will either attempt to scale the spikes risking being impaled or they will climb the bridge fence and risk slipping into the water. The installation of the spikes is strongly opposed by the local community and there real concerns it creates extra risk.


Acting CEO Report:

In order to reduce the risk of injury or harm, Council has previously installed signage to warn the public of the dangers of diving or jumping from the Ocean Street Bridge into Narrabeen Lagoon. Council is in receipt of one complaint regarding the spikes that have been installed by Sydney Water on its sewer pipe adjacent to the Ocean Street Bridge at Narrabeen Lagoon.

In response to this complaint, Council staff contacted Sydney Water to raise the matter directly. Council has also provided Sydney Water’s contact information back to the resident so they are able to liaise directly with Sydney Water regarding this issue.

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