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Voted unanimously.

PURPOSE To report on current planning controls for Manly Hospital, Council’s role in any redevelopment of Manly Hospital, and the proposed community consultation in relation to any proposed changes to the current planning controls for the site.


Council at its meeting on 17 April 2018, resolved to seek a detailed report on the future use of the Manly Hospital site to be presented at the 22 May 2018 Council Meeting.

The site is zoned part SP2 Infrastructure and part E2 Environmental Conservation under the Manly Local Environmental Plan 2013 (Manly LEP).

The Manly LEP also lists Heritage on the site and contains requirements for the preparation of a Development Control Plan in certain circumstances. Other provisions in the Manly LEP include Foreshores Scenic Protection and Biodiversity considerations. Relevant State Policies include the Sydney Regional Environmental Plan (Sydney Harbour Catchment) 2005; State Environmental Planning Policy (Coastal Management) 2018 and potentially, State Environmental Planning Policies for Infrastructure and Seniors Housing.

Council has a role in site redevelopment as the consent authority under the Manly LEP but other State approval pathways exist which may limit Council’s involvement, including approvals under State Environmental Planning Policy (Infrastructure). Future changes to Council’s planning controls on the site would be subject to statutory consultation and public participation requirements and Council’s Community Engagement Policy.


That Council notes the reported matters in response to issues raised in Council’s resolution regarding Item 11.3 Notice of Motion 25/2018 - Future Use of Manly Hospital.

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