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PURPOSE To discuss the suitability of water quality in for what is known as the Bayview Baths for primary contact recreational activities such as swimming, and to progress consideration of refurbishment of this site.

SUMMARY Council resolved on 27 March 2018 that:

A. Council work with Sydney Water and Beachwatch (OEH) to review recreational water quality data for what is known as the Bayview Baths in order to determine if it would be feasible to potentially restore/renew the pool and provide a briefing back to Council within three (3) months.

B. In the event of a favourable report Council may move to a second stage of risk assessment and a refurbishment process subject to budget availability. Results of a water quality monitoring study at Bayview Baths conducted by Sydney Water and Northern Beaches Council in 2016/17 indicate that water quality in the Baths is generally suitable for swimming in dry weather. As for any natural estuarine swimming area affected by diffuse stormwater inputs, swimming should be avoided for up to 72 hours following rain. The 2016/17 water quality results do not eliminate Bayview Baths from consideration as a swimming location, and as such the refurbishment of the Baths should be considered. It is however recommended that Council further monitor the water quality with OEH and Sydney Water in 2018/19 to confirm the 2016/17 results were not a ‘once-off’ period prior to committing to construction. It is also recommended Council concurrently work with the community to secure external funding to assist with the funding for design and construction of the future refurbishment project so that it may be a position to proceed should the 2018/19 testing confirm suitability.

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