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If you thought our area had problems with boarding houses popping up in inappropriate areas, wait until you see the State Govt's new "low rise medium density housing code" which will come into effect 6 July, 2018!

The new Low Rise Medium Density Housing code will apply where Councils already allow this type of development under the local LEP. Everywhere that currently permits dual occupancy will have this new law apply.

So whats the catch then? Well, even though this has a great opportunity to create a more diverse housing stock for our area, this will remove protections that a Council DA process currently supplies and hand straight to a Private Certifier. You will not be consulted.

Important things like notifying neighbours, view sharing, parking protections, built form controls etc

There will be no requirement for community consultations over contentious issues. It will further increase pressure on existing services and infrastructure let alone the road network that cannot be planned for and is at capacity now.

See the attached map to see the areas affected and where this SEPP will apply specifically in our LG area. Note former LGAs of Manly and Pittwater will be the most affected.

We need you to voice your concerns ASAP so our local MP’s can speak on behalf of our community to the Planning minister and ask for an exemption such as that given to Ryde Council.

This will split our neighbours and pit our community against each other!

Our Mayor is already arranging to meet with the Planning Minister and has made contact with our local MPs personally to get the ball rolling on this issue.

Contact your local MP NOW to voice your concerns!

Manly – James Griffin MP email

Wakehurst – Brad Hazzard MP email

Pittwater – Rob Stokes MP

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