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Moveable Heritage

Council at its meeting of 19 December 2017 resolved: That with the amalgamation of three (3) Councils into one

(1), it is imperative that the Northern Beaches Council actively records, protects and becomes the custodian of items of 'Moveable Heritage', which are significant to the Council and the Northern Beaches, by:

A. Preparing a Moveable Heritage Management Policy.

B. Maintaining a 'Moveable Heritage' register of items, their value and their location.

C. Investigating the allocation of funding to allow Council to purchase items of significance held in private collections.

D. Exploring the establishment of a permanent space for the display of such items.

E. Preparing a progress report to Council by April 2018.

Council manages moveable heritage as part of its local studies collections and the Manly Art Gallery and Museum (MAG&M). However, this management is largely focused around paperbased movable heritage (Local Studies collection) and objects related to the Australian beach theme (MAG&M museum objects collection). Council owns many other moveable objects of heritage significance, but to date these have not been documented and recorded. As a newly amalgamated Council there is a need for a Moveable Heritage Management Policy to be prepared to manage these objects of local heritage significance.

A preliminary draft Moveable Heritage Management Policy had been prepared , which will now go on public exhibition and also through a collaborative internal consultation process with relevant business units and the Places for People Strategic Reference Group (SRG).

The priority task of this draft Policy is the establishment of a Moveable Heritage Register, to ensure that all objects held by Council are documented and recorded, with a view to being made available on-line to the community.

087/18 RESOLVED Cr Ferguson / Cr Harrison


A. Council place the draft Moveable Heritage Management Policy on public exhibition for a period of 28 days inviting submissions.

B. Council consult with relevant business units and the Places for People Strategic Reference Group.

C. Council report back following completion of public exhibition and internal consultation.


Transparency for the Community

We are a group of locals who care about our community and proudly serve their wishes. As genuine independents, we’re not answerable to any major party - just the people of the Northern Beaches. 

Please share your thoughts about how we can implement the solutions that are most important to you.

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