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Council received a Planning Proposal on 15 February 2018 to amend the Warringah Local Environmental Plan (WLEP 2011) to allow ‘residential accommodation’ on the first floor, and ‘medical centre’ and ‘office premises’ on the ground floor at 884-896 Pittwater Road, Dee Why.

The Planning Proposal was publicly exhibited for 16 days from 24 February to 11 March 2018. Nine (9) submissions were received, eight (8) of which objected to the Planning Proposal on grounds of inconsistency with the previous planning approval; loss of employment floor space; and the proposal’s inconsistency with existing planning controls and strategic plans.

One other submission provided general comments regarding development in Dee Why.

The Planning Proposal is not supported as it is inconsistent with relevant strategic planning documents, including the recently released A Metropolis of Three Cities and the North District Plan (March 2018), and Ministerial Planning Directions particularly relating to the loss of employment generating floorspace in Business zones.

101/18 RESOLVED Cr Heins / Cr Regan

That Council reject the Planning Proposal lodged for 884-896 Pittwater Road, Dee Why and not submit it to the NSW Department of Planning & Environment for a Gateway Determination for the following reasons:

A. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with the strategic planning direction for Dee Why as established by the recently finalised A Metropolis of Three Cities and North District Plan (March 2018).

B. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with a previous decision of Council and the Department of Planning rejecting a proposal to allow residential uses at first floor level on the site and a broader range of retail/ commercial uses on the ground floor level on grounds of inconsistency with Ministerial Direction 1.1 - Business and Industrial Zones.

C. The Planning Proposal has not demonstrated strategic merit or site-specific merit consistent with the NSW Planning & Environment’s Planning Proposals: A guide to preparing planning proposals (2016).

D. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with the following Local Planning Directions: a. 1.1 Business and Industrial Zones b. 3.4 Integrating Land Use and Transport c. 5.10 Implementation of Regional Plans d. 6.3 Site Specific Provisions e. 7.1 Implementation of A Plan for Growing Sydney.

E. The outcome of the Planning Proposal is not considered an appropriate strategic and development outcome because it does not satisfactorily address social and infrastructure impacts associated with the loss of employment floor space, and the potential introduction of up to 80 new residential dwellings within a Key Site of the Dee Why Town Centre.

F. The Proposal will set a policy precedent by introducing residential development within the first floor level of a Key Site within the Dee Why Town Centre. Given the key economic role that the Dee Why-Brookvale Strategic Centre plays in the local government area and the larger North District, the Proposal has the capacity to undermine the existing and future strategic advantage for the provision of business and employment lands.

G. The information and studies provided in conjunction with the Planning Proposal do not adequately address the impacts that the proposed changes would have on the surrounding area, particularly with regards to traffic, local infrastructure, and economic impacts.

VOTING FOR: Unanimous


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