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Concerns about the future of the Queenscliff Community Health Centre led Mayor Michael Regan to move this Mayoral Minute at the December 2017 meeting.


A recent announcement regarding the closure of the Queenscliff Community Health Centre raised a number of concerns in relation to the loss of community services on the northern beaches. I am proposing that Council seeks the transfer of this facility/site from the State Government to Council to ensure this site can be retained for community use. I took the opportunity to raise this issue with the local member for Manly, Mr James Griffin, MP who was supportive and suggested that we formally seek the agreement of the Minister for Health, the local member for Wakehurst, the Hon. Brad Hazzard, MP. The Centre has served the community for many years and while it requires significant maintenance to bring it to standard, I believe there is an opportunity to retain the building for other community use. The State Government will be considering options for the future use of the building and I believe an opportunity exists for the State to work with local government and put the building into trust with Council to manage and retain as a community facility but we must act now before the property is sold. Since the merging of the three former councils, the new Northern Beaches Council has been reviewing opportunities on how to improve and increase the services we provide. Council is also keen to provide increased public space options for community organised group activities. This site would be well suited for example for a community centre or other community use. With the imminent closure of the Northern Beaches Community Centre in Wentworth Street, Queenscliff could therefore be an ideal temporary home and perhaps more even a permanent option for them. While the Queenscliff Community Health Centre is not located in Manly, I understand this will not pose an issue for servicing the community as it is easily accessible by public transport. I think you would agree this site presents an opportunity for the State and Council to work in partnership in maximising the public benefit. It could have multiple uses and would assist in resolving the issue of reduced community facilities in the Manly Queenscliff area. Council would, if the State are willing would need to undertake a thorough business analysis of the proposal and provide a report to Council so we can make an informed decision before committing to the transfer of the facility/site.



That Council:

A. Writes to the Minister for Health and Health NSW seeking the transfer of the surplus land and facilities known as the Queenscliff Community Health Centre to the Northern Beaches Council to be retained for community use.

B. Undertake a thorough business analysis of the future use of the facility/site and report back to Council before a final decision on the transfer is made.

VOTING FOR: Unanimous


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