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Background from Clr Kylie Ferguson.

Some members of the community have complained that they have sent Invitations to Council, however, those invitations have not been received by respective Councillors.

043/18 RESOLVED Cr Ferguson / Cr De Luca


A Council acknowledges:

a. with the Amalgamation of the former Pittwater, Warringah and Manly Councils it is important to ensure transparency and good governance in all areas of administration

b. as part of good governance and transparency, it is important that Councillors are kept up to date with council events, meetings, briefings and community based events on a regular basis.

B. Council requests that the Office of the Mayor and Councillors:

a. provides a schedule that includes all council events, Council meetings, briefings, Strategic Reference Group and committee meetings and community based events. The schedule is to be provided to all Councillors on a weekly basis. The schedule should highlight invitations from community groups that are extended to all Councillors

b. where the Mayor only is invited to an event and is unable to attend, a representative will continue to be delegated to represent the Mayor and Council and these details are to be listed on the schedule

c. where representation on behalf of the Mayor and/or Council is required at council or community events, that transparency, equity and balanced representation of the five wards and political parties is taken into consideration d. provide guidance and assistance to community groups to ensure invitations are extended to all Councillors where appropriate as intended by our community groups.

VOTING FOR: Crs Amon, Daley, De Luca, Ferguson, Grattan, McTaggart, Sprott, Walton, Warren and White AGAINST: Crs Bingham, Harrison, Heins, Philpott and Regan CARRIED

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