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Organisational Review

Clr Heins presented the following Notice of Motion to review the structure of senior management at Council.

Councillors are, under the Local Government Act, responsible for the determination of the Council’s organisational structure. As stated in the Local Government Act, 1993, refer to Section 332(1) – “A council must, after consulting the general manager, determine the following: a. the senior staff positions within the organisation structure of the council, b. the roles and reporting lines (for other senior staff) of holders of senior staff positions, c. the resources to be allocated towards the employment of staff.” There is also an obligation on the part of the elected representatives, as part of their responsibility for governance, to review the adopted organisational structure from time to time to ensure that it is appropriate to meet the service obligations determined by Council. As stated in the Local Government Act, 1993, Section 333 “The organisation structure may be re-determined under this Part from time to time. The council must review, and may re-determine, the organisation structure within 12 months after any ordinary election of the council.”

Cr Heins / Cr Amon

That: A. Council Resolve to undertake a review of its organisational structure as required by sections 332/ 333 of the Local Government Act 1993 and that the review be chosen by at least one of these three companies mentioned;

a. Deloitte

b. PPB Advisory

c. Grant Thornton

B. A working group be created with five (5) Councillors being: Cr Heins, Cr Grattan, Cr Walton, Cr Amon, Cr De Luca

C. In scoping the project, the Office of Local Government could be engaged to assist with the design of the review for Local Government best practice.

D. The chosen consultants will be procured as per the NSW Performance and Management Services procurement scheme, using panel 1a and partial panel 4b.

VOTING FOR: Crs Amon, Bingham, Daley, De Luca, Ferguson, Grattan, Harrison, Heins, Philpott, Regan, Sprott, Walton, Warren and White AGAINST: Cr McTaggart CARRIED

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