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1-3 Rodborough Road

Council received a Planning Proposal on 30 November 2018 prepared by Mecone on behalf of the Applicant, Capital Investment Group and Toga. The Proposal seeks to amend WLEP 2011 to allow ‘hotel or motel accommodation’, ‘retail premises’, and ‘residential flat buildings’ as additional permitted uses with development consent as well as apply a 70 metre maximum building height at 1-3 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest. Additional public benefits such as 12.5% affordable housing, new pedestrian bridge and cycling paths, child care centre, and public domain works have been offered through a future Planning Agreement associated with the Planning Proposal, subject to Council approval and further negotiation.

014/18 RESOLVED Cr Ferguson / Cr Amon

That Council reject the Planning Proposal lodged for 1-3 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest and do not submit it to the NSW Department of Planning & Environment for a Gateway Determination for the following reasons:

A. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with the strategic planning direction for Frenchs Forest as established by A Plan for Growing Sydney, draft Greater Sydney Region Plan, and revised draft North District Plan.

B. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with Council’s adopted Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Structure Plan (2017).

C. The Planning Proposal has not demonstrated strategic merit or site-specific merit in line with the NSW Planning & Environment’s Planning Proposals: A guide to preparing planning proposals (2016).

D. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with the following Local Planning Directions:

a. 1.1 Business and Industrial Zones

b. 3.4 Integrating Land Use and Transport

c. 5.10 Implementation of Regional Plans

d. 6.3 Site Specific Provisions

e. 7.1 Implementation of A Plan for Growing Sydney

E. The outcome of the Planning Proposal is not considered an appropriate strategic and development outcome because: a. the Proposal does not take into account or satisfactorily address local and regional traffic and transport constraints. The Applicant’s traffic report considers a single intersection’s performance and inaccurately states that there is additional network capacity – this is contrary to Roads and Maritime Services advice provided throughout the Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Structure Plan process that any growth east of Wakehurst Parkway cannot be supported by the existing local road network b. the Proposal will undermine the existing strategic advantage of the Frenchs Forest Business Park and the future flexibility of surrounding businesses to respond to economic opportunities, particularly those associated with the new hospital such as innovative health and medical related premises.

The introduction of residential and non-employment uses would set an undesirable precedent. This could also impact on the ability for Frenchs Forest to grow as a Strategic Centre and achieve the State target of 12,000 to 13,000 jobs by 2036 as per the Revised Draft North District Plan. The scale of the proposed development, in combination with the site’s location, has the potential to affect the amenity of future residents and the surrounding locality. This includes safety concerns with walkability, low amenity due to the subject site’s location away from public spaces and services, noise and conflict with surrounding commercial and industrial uses, and impacts to residents and workers particularly with regards to traffic and parking.

F. The Proposal will set a policy precedent by introducing non-conforming uses into the Business Park. If this occurs, the strategic vision for Frenchs Forest will be undermined, increasing the pressure to allow other sites within the Business Park to also redevelop for these uses through ad hoc planning proposals. Such proposals undermine the orderly planning process and Council’s ability to deliver required infrastructure and meet housing and employment targets.

G. The information and studies provided in conjunction with the Planning Proposal do not adequately justify the impacts that the proposed changes would have on the surrounding area, particularly with regards to traffic, local infrastructure, amenity, and economic impacts.


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