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Compactor Garbage Bins

BACKGROUND by Mayor Michael Regan.

One of the areas of concern for residents is street litter particularly around our high profile areas such as our beaches, lagoons, parks and sporting fields. After the recent holiday season, it became clear we need to find a definitive solution. There are currently public garbage systems being used which may provide the solution we need and I am proposing that Council look at trialing the system in high profile areas such as Dee Why and or Manly. Currently on the market there is a new bin system known as smart compact waste bins. They can reduce collection frequency by 80% and can reduce the overflow issues we have particularly over the holiday season. Once they reach a certain level of garbage they send a message that the bin needs to be emptied. That can result in less waste collection pickups, which equals less garbage truck movements, which has flow on benefits potentially for lowering costs and emissions and a higher service level to our community in regards to waste collection. The recent evolution of these bins is that they are now solar powered. The panels charge up the battery which is used for the compaction of waste and the use of smart technology for communicating to base. I think every resident and Council could name hundreds of places in our community where these bins would provide huge improvements. I have been advised by staff that they could identify priority locations and a trial would be timely given that the waste tender and other strategic priorities are currently being considered in as part of finalising our budget for the coming financial year. The City of Canada Bay installed them in 2015 to provide a more sustainable waste management system. Apparently they used to collect their bins seven times a week but since the installation of the Smart compact waste bins, their current collections are now made on average twice a week. That is a significant saving in operational costs.


Cr Regan


A. Council endorse a trial of compacting public place garbage bins at two suitable locations.

B. Council allocate appropriate funding in the draft 2018/19 Budget for the trial with a view to, if successful, implementing this technology at other suitable locations from 2019/2020.

VOTING FOR: Crs Amon, Bingham, Daley, De Luca, Ferguson, Grattan, Harrison, Heins, McTaggart, Philpott, Regan, Sprott, Warren and White

AGAINST: Cr Walton


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