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323-327 Warringah Road, Frenchs Forest

On 24 October 2017, Council received a Planning Proposal prepared by Mark Shanahan Planning Pty Ltd on behalf of the Applicant, Brent Mulligan (Neilstreet Pty Ltd). The Proposal seeks to amend WLEP 2011 to allow boarding houses as an additional permitted use and apply a maximum building height of 40 metres at 323-327 Warringah Road, Frenchs Forest (also known as 14 Rodborough Road, Frenchs Forest). The Proposal is accompanied by indicative concept plans and an intent to submit a VPA which would specify a range of public benefits, including the provision of the boarding rooms as affordable rental housing, to be managed by a registered community housing provider.

200/17 RESOLVED Cr Regan / Cr Harrison

That Council reject the Planning Proposal lodged for 323-327 Warringah Road, Frenchs Forest and not submit it to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for a Gateway Determination for the following reasons:

A. The Proposal is inconsistent with strategic planning direction for Frenchs Forest established by A Plan for Growing Sydney, Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan and Revised Draft North District Plan.

B. The Proposal is inconsistent with Council’s Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Structure Plan.

C. The Planning Proposal has not demonstrated strategic merit or site-specific merit in line with the NSW Planning and Environment’s Planning Proposals: A guide to preparing planning proposals (2016).

D. The Planning Proposal is inconsistent with Local Planning Directions:

a. 1.1 Business and Industrial Zones.

b. 3.4 Integrating Land Use and Transport.

c. 5.10 Implementation of Regional Plans.

d. 6.3 Site Specific Provisions.

e. 7.1 Implementation of A Plan for Growing Sydney.

E. The outcome of the Planning Proposal is not considered an appropriate development outcome because:

a. The Proposal will increase delays and congestion on the traffic and transport network and no traffic modelling has been undertaken to quantify the full extent of traffic impacts on the local and regional network. Further, Roads and Maritime Services have previously advised that any growth east of Wakehurst Parkway will not be supported (by Roads and Maritime Services).

b. The Proposal will compromise the existing strategic advantage of the Frenchs Forest Business Park and the future flexibility of surrounding businesses to respond to economic opportunities. In particular, innovative health and medical related commercial premises to support the Northern Beaches Hospital. This could also impact on the ability for Frenchs Forest to grow as a Strategic Centre and achieve the target of 12,000 to 13,000 jobs by 2036. c. The subject site’s location has the potential to affect the amenity of future residents and the surrounding locality. This includes safety concerns associated with the walkability of routes from the subject site to the Northern Beaches Hospital, low amenity due to the subject site’s location away from public spaces and services, noise concerns and hours of operation of surrounding commercial and industrial uses and impacts to residents of the surrounding locality, particularly with traffic associated with the proposed use.

F. The Proposal will set a precedent, increasing pressure to allow other sites in the B7 Business Park zone to be redeveloped for ‘boarding houses’ or other non-conforming residential uses, when more appropriate locations have been identified within Frenchs Forest. In addition, the Proposal could also set an unwanted precedent for planning proposals to be lodged which are inconsistent with Council’s Northern Beaches Hospital Precinct Structure Plan. If this occurs, this will undermine the strategic intent and vision for Frenchs Forest. Ad hoc Planning Proposals undermine the orderly planning process and Council’s ability to deliver the required infrastructure.

G. The information submitted to support the Planning Proposal is substantially deficient to allow for an informed assessment of the Planning Proposal in regards to traffic matters, infrastructure upgrades, economic, social and environmental impacts.


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