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Clr Roslyn Harrison

“I enjoy working with people to support our local community, to solve problems and to get things done.”


– Clr Roslyn Harrison

Areas of Immediate Focus

  • Youth Services

  • Genuine consultation

  • Appropriate Housing Targets

Roslyn is a former Deputy Mayor and has served on Council for nearly 10 years. She is a local Primary School teacher with a passion for education & good communication. As a current Councillor for the Frenchs Forest ward, Roslyn enjoys bringing community & council together to solve issues of concern.



Roslyn prides herself on being a link between residents and appropriate staff members to solve issues and improve outcomes for her community.

Roslyn is a true Northern Beaches local, growing up in Forestville, attending Frenchs Forest Public School and then the Forest High School. Now with a family of her own, Roslyn is still living in Forestville with her husband and three teenage children. She has enjoyed her time on council and is known for always modelling values of respect, integrity, collaboration, cooperation and consultation.

As a teacher and mother of teenagers, Roslyn is passionate about the wellbeing of our children and young people. She sees information and education as one of the most important parts of Council’s role to its residents.

Roslyn became a councillor because she sees herself an every day, non-political person which she believes is critical at a local level. She enjoys working collaboratively with staff to meet community needs. One of her ongoing goals has been to battle the misinformation and politics at play as she can see how it impacts on progress for our community.

She has a strong track record for working closely with local community groups to meet the many diverse needs of the area. She has tirelessly advocated for the saving and protection of Forest High by working closely with staff and appropriate stakeholders to ensure that when needed, the school is moved to an appropriate location that preserves and protects our environment.

Another example of acting on local issues is when she recently assisted in finding a home for the Northern Beaches Wood Turners group.

Some of her other achievements during this term is furthering the progress of appropriate affordable housing on the Northern Beaches and progressing the upgrade of the Lionel Watts Oval precinct, including the much wanted and needed skatepark. She has also worked tirelessly to ensure that council is transparent and genuinely consults its community in genuine engagement.

Roslyn is a former Deputy Mayor of Warringah, has served on council for nine years and has in excess of 20 years working with various Government Departments. She takes a strong stance on social justice and welfare issues. Throughout her career, Roslyn Harrison has learned to listen. She believes that all learning occurs when you stop to listen to others.

Her work with the government includes curriculum development at the Board of Studies, marketing for WorkCover, media monitoring for the Premier's Department, managing National Youth Week and developing early intervention and prevention programs for children and families at risk for DoCS.


Roslyn wants to ensure that Councils works with the State Government keep housing targets realistic in the area with a diverse range of options available for the various needs of the community. She also wants to ensure that small business can bounce back after the impact of Covid on their businesses.

She is also passionate about preserving our environment and finding ways to future proof our natural environment from climate change and also wants to ensure that Council works with the community to provide enough sports grounds to meet the needs of all user groups.

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