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Louise Hislop

" I am running for Council because the people of the Northern Beaches deserve independent, community-minded representatives who listen, and who are answerable to the community (not a major party).


I want to work with the community to ensure they are heard and served."

  – Louise Hislop

Immediate areas of focus:

  • Environment

  • Community – supporting diverse communities/online communities

  • Arts and Culture / Live music

  • Local democracy

Louise was the founding President of Voices of Warringah and has a demonstrated ability to lead community engagement. She is a firm believer in the need for community-led politics. 

She is a long-standing and active member of Curl Curl Lagoon Friends, including periods on the executive committee. She has experience dealing with council and a passion for the environment.

As a former community liaison officer with Zali Steggall, she has experience in assisting people and businesses with their concerns during the pandemic.

She has a firsthand understanding of the issues being faced by local small businesses as she has been a proprietor of a family-owned business for the past 30 years, employing many local tradies and apprentices.

Finally, Louise is a keen supporter of the Arts, believing that a strong music and arts sector is a sign of a thriving society.



Being a fourth-generation Northern Beaches resident, Louise lives and breathes this community. 

Louise was founding president of Voices of Warringah and co-campaign manager on Zali Steggall’s successful 2019 federal election campaign. Louise has since worked two years as a member of Zali’s team helping community members deal with many varied issues; in particular the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Centrelink and My Aged Care.  Louise enjoyed being able to make a real difference to people’s lives.


Louise is passionate about protecting our environment and has been an active member of Curl Curl Lagoon Friends for 30 years, including terms on the executive committee. She has run a small business with her husband for all of that time, employing many local tradies and apprentices.


Louise has three now-adult kids and enjoys swimming year-round in our ocean pools. She also has a life-long love of the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles.

As a member of Curl Curl Lagoon Friends Louise has been involved with running many local “Clean Up Australia Days” at John Fisher Park and has organised community forums so that the local community can hear from prospective candidates at election time.


She has also engaged with council on many local environment issues. Louise was part of the team who worked with council to ensure the Ngara garden in John Fisher Park was completed - a place for quiet and reflective recreation - something that is so important in these busy and stressful times. Louise wants to ensure the natural environment is a key consideration in all proposed development and wants to maintain areas for quiet enjoyment.

Louise is passionate about ensuring we have a healthy local democracy and founded Voices of Warringah for that purpose. She firmly believes that representatives at all levels of government, should listen to, consult with, represent, and be accountable to the community. Major party politicians answer to their party first, and Louise believes this has no place at local council level.

Your Northern Beaches Independent team will give Louise the independence to do just that, as each councillor on the team is able to vote independently.


In regards to local issues, Louise has four key focus areas:


Community led solutions


There are many awesome grassroots groups which have sprung up, some of them online, to address issues in a community-led way, such as reducing our carbon footprint, supporting each other during the pandemic and supporting local business. Louise wants to ensure these groups are getting the support they need to do this important work and encourage the formation of similar groups which might be lacking in other areas.


Dee Why, Brookvale and Narraweena

Louise wants to work with the diverse communities of Dee Why, Brookvale and Narraweena to ensure they are connected, invigorated, and celebrated and are getting the support they need to enjoy life in these wonderful suburbs.

Brookvale Master Plan and affordable housing

Louise is taking a keen interest in the Brookvale Master Plan. Brookvale is in a moment of exciting transition and has the potential to be a great place to live, work and enjoy a rich culture all with great transport links.  As part of the plan, Louise wants to encourage live music and the venues that support this important industry. 


Local Environment

Louise will ensure that the channels of communication are always open between council and our local environment groups. She understands the delicate balance between appropriate development and protection of the environment and will do her best to support these volunteers who work hard to protect our precious open spaces.

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