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Katinga Schroeder

“Council has to be a cohesive unit, making sure every area remains unique and united and that the NSW Government understands that the Northern Beaches is not for sale to the highest bidder!” – Katinga Schroeder


  • Definitive plan for public transport hub

  • Strategic sport plan

  • Affordable care for the elderly

Having organised events for nearly 30 years, Katinga Schroeder admits she loves to plan.
So, it’s only reasonable to assume she has a lot of plans to enhance and improve the lifestyle along our Northern Beaches.


Admittedly, Katinga is already doing her bit, raising Guide Dogs and visiting local nursing homes regularly with her Pets As Therapy Dog. She also created Kayak For Kids while working for Lifestart, which has raised more than $2 million over the past decade to help children with disabilities and developmental delays. For two years she was a board member of the Learning for a Better World (LBW) Trust that draws on the Australian and international cricket communities to transform the educational opportunities for youth in the developing world. Her talents have also been put to good use as a volunteer for local schools and sporting clubs.


Now, looking at the future and the bigger picture for the Northern Beaches, Katinga believes it’s time lend her considerable expertise and foresight to the Northern Beaches Council.


Standing as a candidate for the Your Northern Beaches Independent Team, Katinga wants to be part of a cohesive council that will protect every unique sector of the Northern Beaches while accommodating an increasing population.


She believes that limited strategic high-density housing should be considered as a solution for areas along the beaches that attract more business and new residents, but accepts that the natural environment north of Mona Vale should be preserved for everyone to enjoy and high-rise should not dot the skyline.


She is also passionate about definitive public transport hubs being established to ease the burden on traffic and commuting and is convinced the Northern Beaches has the capacity to create elite standards in sporting facilities to attract more national and international events. Providing affordable and practical health and aged care for the Northern Beaches elderly is also a priority.


Believing that compromise must not lead to a solution that benefits no one, Katinga is looking forward to a council that ensures every perspective is taken into account and avoids “the camel that was a horse created by a committee”.

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