Before you Donate

You need to read this first...


We cannot accept donations from the following people:

  • a property developer;

  • a tobacco industry business entity;

  • a liquor industry business entity;

  • a gambling industry business entity;

  • any industry representative organisation if the majority of its members are such prohibited donors; and

  • a close associate of a prohibited donor.

  • it is also unlawful for someone to donate on behalf of a prohibited donor or for us to accept a donation we suspect is being made on behalf of a prohibited donor.


Any donation over $999 is a reportable donation - which means the electoral commission and any member of the public will know the name of the donor.
Please note this reportable donation total is accumulative. If someone buys a ticket to an event for $100, then an auction item for $850 then raffle tickets for $60, then this accumulated amount of $1010 is considered a reportable donation.


- Individuals making a reportable donation (over $999) must be on an Australian electoral roll.


- Companies making a reportable donation (over $999) donating must have an ABN



The cap for both individuals and companies is $6100 in any financial year.
Please note again that this cap is accumulative and doesn't have to be a one off donation.



Any donation over $2 is tax deductable, but only to an amount of $1500.
e.g If someone donated the maximum amount of $6100, they can only claim $1500 as a tax deduction. Visit the ATO website here on political donations



Definitely no anonymous donations allowed - if a donor's identity cannot be confirmed within three days of receipt, all funds will be returned to their account.

by cheque

Cheques can be made out to "Your Northern Beaches" and then posted to us at:
PO Box 743
Freshwater NSW 2096
a tax invoice will be forwarded to you.

by eft

Please remember to put your name in the transaction so we know who to give the receipt to.

Northern Beaches Credit Union (CFC-Community First Credit Union)
This bracketed part is what will appear on entries


BSB:  512170
Account Name: Your Northern Beaches
Account Number: 100298053

by phone

Contact our Treasurer on 0405 784 895 to organise a payment in person. You will be provided with an official receipt.

credit card

If paying by credit card,

please visit our My Cause page here to donate.

Please fill in your details below so we can send you your tax invoice.

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