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Chris Jackson

“I’m passionate about community and the local issues that challenge and inspire to bring us all together.”

  – Chris Jackson

Immediate areas of focus:

  • Public transport

  • Environmental protection

  • Support for small businesses

Chris is a Local bus driver, former soldier and accomplished musician. A keen swimmer & runner, Chris wants more community participation in sport for greater health and wellbeing.


As a former soldier, Chris is an advocate for a healthy lifestyle and its benefits for physical and mental health. As a musician, Chris is a strong supporter of the Arts and Culture sector. He also wants to make sure the Council is playing its part in protecting our unique environment and heritage through sensible and sustainable building and redevelopment.


As a bus driver with Forest Coaches, he knows the importance of providing good integrated transport options which is why he strongly supports the retention of council's Hop, Skip & Jump Bus Service. He also supports appropriate off-leash dog parks and wants to see long term support for local businesses as they recover from the COVID 19 pandemic.


Chris is passionate about the community and the local issues that affect us all. Chris advocates for a healthy lifestyle and is well aware of its benefits for physical and mental health.


Chris has worked as a bus driver for over ten years becoming President of the North Sydney Bus Institute and Treasurer of the Bus Institute Sports Association. In this capacity Chris is dedicated to increasing engagement and participation in sporting and social activities.


Previously Chris served in the Australian Army and following that he studied Oboe at the Queensland Conservatorium. An enthusiastic runner and swimmer, Chris is a Club captain at Manly Beach Running Club and can be seen at 5:30 most mornings at South Steyne enjoying a run to one of the beautiful destinations in and around Manly. Chris has competed in the Dee Why-Manly SunRun six times, as well as the Sydney Morning Herald and Blackmore’s Half Marathons and the Canberra, Gold Coast and Melbourne Marathons.

Having owned and operated a business in Manly, Chris is well aware of the challenges confronting business owners especially at this troubling time s they look to the future and question how they will recover post the COVID 19 pandemic? Chris wants Council to continue listening and working with local business across the Manly ward to develop long term viable solutions. 

Other local issues of concern to Chris include affordable housing, support for the victims of domestic violence and those experiencing homelessness. He wants to see Council continue to protect our beautiful natural environment and heritage through sensible, sustainable and appropriate development.

Chris is passionate about retaining the Hop Skip & Jump Bus service and wants Council to explore other solutions for parking and public transport across the region. Chris is a pet lover and wants to see appropriate “off the leash” dog parks properly maintained and if elected, will investigate adding more parks.

Chris sees Council has having a key role in bringing our community together and will use his time on council to help create that cohesion.

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