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Ben Grozier

“The Covid-19 pandemic brings opportunities and challenges to frontline services, residents, and our business community.

As a former teacher, current small business owner and mentor, I want to advocate for our community to connect and thrive in the months and years ahead.”

  – Ben Grozier

Immediate areas of focus:

  • Local business

  • Innovation

  • Environmental protection

  • Recreation and quality of life

Ben is a former school teacher and father of 3 active children. He is the co-founder and CEO of a Northern Beaches headquartered business - ClassCover Pty Ltd, a platform that helps schools to manage casual teachers.

Ben is an active participant in the local community including coaching his son's soccer team (CCYC) and mentoring startup businesses in the Allambie Heights based, Cerebral Palsy Alliance's, Remarkable Tech Accelerator. Ben is keen to see Council continue providing strong support for our local business community.


As a member of Long Reef Golf Club and as a keen surfer, Ben is a passionate enthusiast for all that the Northern Beaches has to offer. He is dedicated to caring for our environment, ensuring a sustainable future and protecting the beautiful coastline and bushland area we enjoy. 


Ben’s broad range of skills and experience position him to make a positive contribution to the way in which The Northern Beaches area is governed.


Ben is a qualified teacher, former small business owner, tech start-up founder and CEO. Headquartered in Dee Why, ClassCover, is a service that helps over 2500 schools and 80,000 teachers across Australia to save time booking casual teachers. The company was “born” on the Northern Beaches and has now grown to over 100 staff.


Ben also mentors start-up founders from the Allambie Heights based, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Disability Tech Accelerator. In his spare time, Ben likes to surf, play a bit of average quality golf and chase after his three young children.


As a business owner, Ben would also like to modernise the local business networks. He is a firm believer that pooled knowledge and contacts, in addition to shared problems and solutions, are a powerful force. Ben emphasises there are proven strategies that could be implemented into the business community for the benefit of all. He feels that especially in a pandemic, our business community must team up in order to survive, thrive and if necessary, pivot in order to be successful. Growing our businesses together as a community is the way to do this.


As a teacher, parent and “tech guy”, Ben knows that in 2021, one of the greatest threats to our youth globally no longer exists in the form of a playground scuffle, but on the screens of a smartphone. He wants to ensure that our parents and youth are empowered with education to assist them utilising technology to achieve great things in life, whilst being completely aware of the pitfalls and damage that smartphones and social media can do to our children.


Ben believes that John Fisher Park is an incredible amenity and a hive of activity for the local community. He feels that there is more that can be done to make it a showcase feature of the Northern Beaches. He wants to work with council to optimise the remaining pockets that can be improved while protecting other quiet spaces for reflection. Ben believes that by borrowing ideas from how other communities best utilise their precious open space, we can provide truly remarkable community spaces for all.

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